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Pack with Roman Goddesses

This pack was produced around 1850 by Carl Holdhaus in Vienna. The maker's name is on the Jack of Hearts.

The pattern of this pack shows Roman goddesses as Queens.
Clubs: Diana
Spades: Juno
Hearts: Flora
Diamonds: Venus

On the Aces are views from different countries in Europe.
Clubs: Löwenburg bei Cassel / Antwerpen
("Lion's Castle" near Kassel in Germany / Antwerp)
Spades: Rathhaus in Paris / Hohenschwangau in Bayern
(Town Hall in Paris / Hohenschwangau, a castle in Bavaria)
Hearts: Des Pascha's Schloss zu Orsova / Paulskirche in London
(The Pasha's Castle in Orsova / St. Paul's Cathedral in London)
Diamonds: Markt in Hildesheim / Laxenburg bei Wien
(Marketplace in Hildesheim, Germany / Laxenburg, a town near Vienna)

Similar packs have been made by other makers from Austria, by several makers from Turnhout (who often called them Cartes Suisses, especially when they used Swiss views on the Aces), and also by Lattmann in Goslar. The latter even used the same illustrations on the Aces, although in different combinations.

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