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Nationalitätentarock (Nationalities Tarock)

This pack was produced in 1864 by Josef Glanz in Vienna. His name and address are shown on the four Jacks, and his logo is on the Jack of Diamonds. The name is also on the Ace of Hearts (not shown here), together with a tax stamp.

Trump-2 to Trump-21 show people from different parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Regrettably the pack is incomplete, Trump-9 is missing. The inscriptions are:
   II (no inscription, the Emperor's family in plain clothes)
  III Kärnthen und Krain (Carinthia and Carniola)
 IIII Serbien Militär Grenze (Serbia)
    V Croatien (Croatia)
   VI Ober Österreicher (Upper Austria)
  VII Bukowina (Bukovina)
 VIII Venedig (Venice)
   IX (missing, this should be 'Schlesier') (Silesia)
    X Unter Österreicher (Lower Austria)
   XI Slavonien (Slavonia)
  XII Galizien (Galicia)
 XIII Triest (Trieste)
  XIV Mährer (Moravia)
   XV Tyrol (Tyrol)
  XVI Böhmen (Bohemia)
 XVII Steirer (Styria)
XVIII Ungarn (Hungary)
  XIV Salzburg (Salzburg)
   XX Dalmatiner (Dalmatia)
  XXI Siebenbürger (Transsylvania)

On the belt-buckle of Trump-15 is 'AE'. These are presumably the initials of the engraver. On the Skys is 'Mit Vorbehalt / der Vervielfältigung' ('reproduction reserved').

© Peter Endebrock, 11 Nov. 2012