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Trappola from Vienna

These cards were made in 1842 by Carl Holdhaus in Vienna. His name and the date are on a stamp on the Ten of Roses, together with an Austrian tax stamp, also with the date. Actually, the printing block was cut by his father, who worked from 1800 to 1818. That is why the father's name I:[ohann] Nepo:[muk] Holdhaus is on the One of Batons.

Such cards were used for the game Trappola. It was played in some regions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and in Germany in Silesia.

The cards have Latin suit-signs. The pack consists of 36 cards: a King, a Horseman, a Jack and the pip cards Ten to Seven and Two and One in each suit. In the illustrations the Ones are shown together with the court cards, from the pip cards Ten to Seven only one from each suit is shown.

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