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The Allied Armies' Playing Cards

This is a pack that was made by the Patriotic Playing Card Co. in Montreal, Canada, in 1916/17. The box shows the name of the pack:

They were printed in six different versions. All of them show political leaders and military persons on the court cards, and often also on the aces, but there are changes between editions. In the version shown here you can see:
Clubs: Ace    -
  King    Nicolas II. Tsar of Russia
  Queen    Alexandra Tsaritsa of Russia
  Jack    Russian Cossack
Spades: Ace    Peter King of Serbia
  King    Yoshihito Emperor of Japan
  Queen    Sadako Empress of Japan
  Jack    Japanese Private
Hearts: Ace    President Poincaré
  King    Albert I. King of the Belgians
  Queen    Elizabeth Queen of the Belgians
  Jack    Belgian Private
Diamonds: Ace    Victor Emanuel III., King of Italy
  King    His Majesty King George V.
  Queen    Her Majesty Queen Mary
  Jack    British Private
The Joker shows the British Lion.

On the back were flags of the nations. This pack has seven flags on the back.

There are also older versions with only six flags in a different arrangement, lacking the flag of Italy. Three of the Aces are also different in the version shown below: the Ace of Diamonds is without illustration, and the two men on the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Hearts have been exchanged.

Actually, the box shown at the top is from this version.

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