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Vues & Costumes Suisses (1)

This is a Swiss souvenir pack that was produced by Jean Muller in Schaffhouse. The maker's name is not shown on the cards, but you can find it on the box:
The pack was first produced in 1891 to commemorate the 6th centenary of the 'Swiss Republic':
There were later editions without this title card, and also editions by J. Müller & Cie. from c.1910.

Each Ace shows a view from Switzerland in landscape format, those are the following:
Clubs: Glacier de Rosenlaui
Spades: Rigi-Koulm
Hearts: Chûte du Rhin
Diamonds: Montreux

The persons on the court cards wear costumes from different Swiss cantons. In detail, you can see (in the order King, Queen, Jack):

Clubs: Bâle / Glaris
Appenzell / Schwyz
Valais / Argovie
Spades: Tessin / Neuchâtel
Lucerne / Soleure
Zug / Fribourg
Hearts: Uri / Unterwalden
Schaffhouse / Zuric
Appenzell / Berne
Diamonds: Grison / St. Gall
Berne / Vaud
Vaud / Thurgovie

An earlier edition shows similar Aces and almost the same court cards.

The interesting thing about these cards are the backs: each card has a different back with a view from Switzerland. Because of this difference you cannot use the cards for real play, and that makes it a real souvenir pack. On the back of the title card or, in later editions without the title card on an extra card, the views shown on the backs are listed.

© Peter Endebrock, 03 July 2008