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Vues & Costumes Suisses (2)

This is a Swiss souvenir pack that was most probably produced by Johannes Müller in Schaffhouse around 1880.
This is an early edition of several later packs, one of them published to commemorate the 6th centenary of the 'Swiss Republic'.

Each Ace shows a view from Switzerland in landscape format, those are the following:
Clubs: Glacier de Rosenlaui
Spades: Rigi-Koulm
Hearts: Chûte du Rhin
Diamonds: Montreux
When you compare these to the later Aces you will notice that the view is different and that fewer buildings are shown.

The persons on the court cards wear costumes from different Swiss cantons. In detail, you can see (in the order King, Queen, Jack):

Clubs: Bâle / Glaris
Appenzell / Schwyz
Valais / Argovie
Spades: Tessin / Neuchâtel
Lucerne / Soleure
Zoug / Fribourg
Hearts: Uri / Unterwalden
Schaffhouse / Zuric
Appenzell / Berne
Diamonds: Grison / St. Gall
Berne / Vaud
Vaud / Thurgovie

They differ from the later cards by not having background illustrations, and the colouring of the costumes is sometimes different.
In this edition, the backs are plain blue.

There is a tax stamp from the canton Vaud on the Ace of Hearts.

© Peter Endebrock, 03 July 2008