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Pack with Saxon pattern from Braunschweig (Brunswick)

These cards were produced c. 1860 by Friedrich Selwig, Braunschweig. The court cards are in principle those of the standard single-figured Saxon pattern, but the pip cards show own scenes differing from the standard.

On the Deuce of Acorns is the Brunswick lion, on the Deuce of Leaves an 'S' for the maker, on the Deuce of Hearts the Hanovrian horse (Welfenross), and on the Deuce of bells an anchor as maker's mark and a tax stamp from Brunswick.

Seven of Hearts is missing and has been replaced in the scan by the back design. The pack originally also had Sixes, as can be seen from the printing block which is now in the Brunswick Municipal Museum (Städtisches Museum Braunschweig).

© Peter Endebrock, 04 June 2000