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Dondorf's Centennial Pack (Dondorfs Hundertjahrkarte 1833 - 1933)

To commemorate their centennial in 1933, the playing-card factory B. Dondorf GmbH in Frankfurt/Main published
The name of the pack and the maker can be found on the Four of Hearts. At that time, the company had already been taken over by Flemming-Wiskott in Glogau and those again by the Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken.

The pack was produced extremely lavishly in chromolithography, 16 different stones were used for the court cards, and 12 more for the backs. A small leaflet accompanying the cards calls the pack 'a German pack - not only from the origin, but also from the art and style'. The figures shown in the background of the court cards are explained in the leaflet. On the back you can see the Wartburg.

Modern versions of this pack have been published since 1975. They differ from the original by the printing technique (offset), the backs, the black colour of the text on the Four of Hearts and a six-pointed star on the suitsign in the middle of the Ace of Hearts. Some reprints have AKQJ corner symbols instead of AKDB.

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