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Gaigel cards with double-faced Swabian pattern

This is a pack produced by Frommann & Morian in Darmstadt around 1910. The name of the maker is on the Unter of Acorns, together with the logo, and additionally on the Seven of Hearts, not shown here.

This is a (half) Gaigel pack with the double-faced Swabian pattern (sometimes referred to as Darmstadt pattern). It is the so-called 'Darmstadt type' of the pattern. Earlier packs with the Swabian pattern are often single-faced, you can see that in a pack made by an unknown maker.

Typical for this pattern are the deuce cards, they show symbolic designs for:
Acorns: Student life
Leaves: Art and science
Hearts: Military life
Bells: Trade and crafts

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