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The German Bomb Cards (Deutsche Bomben-Karte)

In 1887 G. Thieme Nachf. in Leipzig edited, designed by Franz Woas (whose name is on the spade of the Jack of Bells) the

The pack was printed by H. Horn in Leipzig (as shown on the Jack of Leaves). It is one of the efforts to unite the German and French suit-signs. The reason were the debates at the German Skat Congresses which were the right cards to play with.

The single suits are dedicated to the German kingdoms: Acorns/Clubs: Prussia, Leaves/Spades: Bavaria, Hearts: Saxony, Bells/Diamonds: Württemberg. The Kings are rulers (the Great Elector, Ludwig II., August the Strong, and Eberhard with the Beard (or perhaps Wilhelm I. from Württemberg), the Queens are in costumes typical for the country (woman from the Spreewald, from the Highlands, from the countryside, and from Stuttgart), and the Jacks are soldiers (infantry sergeant, ulan corporal, artillery lance-corporal, pioneer).

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