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Dondorf's "Castle Pack" ("Burgen-Karte")

This pack was produced c. 1875 by Bernhard Dondorf in Frankfurt/Main. The maker's name can be found on the sleeves of the Jack of Clubs.

The court cards show pictures that are closely related to the different variants of the 'French pattern in Germany'.

The pack has it's name from the illustrations on the Aces, although most of those do not show castles: Clubs shows harbour scenes, Spades castle ruins, Hearts sea views, and Diamonds ruins of portals.

On the Ace of Hearts is a Prussian tax stamp from Frankfurt/M., which was valid from 1875 to 1878. The value (ACHTZIG PFENNIG) shows that the pack had originally more than 32 cards, but in my collection are only the cards of a Skat pack.

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