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Deutsche Spiel-Karte

These cards were printed c. 1885 by Wezel & Naumann, Leipzig, and published by T. O. Weigel in Leipzig. The name of the publisher is on the Deuce of Acorns, that of the printer on the Deuce of Bells.

The cards were designed by Ludwig Burger, his name is also on the Deuce of Acorns. The pack was originally made for a games collection presented to the German Crown-Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm (the later Friedrich III), and his wife Victoria on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary. It was the companion pack to the Französische Spiel-Karte.

The illustrations in the different suits symbolize
Acorns: the art of warfare
Leaves: hunting
Hearts: love
Bells: crafts, industry, and commerce

The back was designed by Ad. M. Hildebrandt. It was later copyrighted (without the shield and eagle in the middle) and used for a lot of other packs.

A different version of the pack has Roman numerals as index signs on some of the pip cards, and there are also later editions by Altenburger Spielkartenfabriken Schneider & Co. and by Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken.

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