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Erotic pack, partially 'transformation' style

These cards were produced by an unknown designer and maker, probably in Germany around 1940.
Correction: The date was originally 'around 1930'. I have changed that as this is a printed pack that exists in several copies. Until late 1939 cards had to be tax-stamped in Germany. As there is no tax stamp on the Ace of Hearts in this pack (and neither in the other copies I know) I now assume that the cards might be made later.

Some of the pip cards are 'transformation' style, with the suit-signs on the card incorporated into the picture.

You may note a certain consistency of the designs through the suits, e. g. with the transformation idea on all Tens, the '9' on all Nines, and the loving couple on all Sevens.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 March 2021