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Feine Whistkarten No. 3 (Fine Whist cards no. 3)

These card were made around 1870 by F. A. Lattmann in Goslar. On a partial wrapper in a contemporary sample book in my collection they are called

As with most of Lattmann's French-suited cards you could order them with views on the Aces (like here) or with plain Aces. The designs of the Aces have been made by an Austrian engraver.

The illustrations on the Aces show views from Europe with French legends:
Clubs: Kremlin à Moscou (Kremlin in Moscow) / Palais de Buckingham à Londres (Buckingham Palace London)
Spades: Gloriette de (in) Schönbrunn / Palais royal d'Athènes (King's palace in Athens)
Hearts: Palais royal de Madrid (King's palace in Madrid) / Serail de (in) Constantinople
Diamonds: Fontainebleau / Palais des tuileries

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