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Charactères et Vues Suisses (1)

This is a well-known pack that was produced around 1860 by C. L. Wüst in Frankfurt/Main. The maker's name is not shown on the cards, but other versions with the trademark on the Jack of Clubs are known. I am showing this quite at the bottom from another pack in my collection.

This is an early souvenir pack: on the Aces are views from Switzerland, and the persons on the court cards wear costumes from different Swiss cantons. In detail, you can see (in the order Ace, King, Queen, Jack):

Clubs: Berne / Chapelle de Guillaume Tell
Berne / Thurgovie
Fribourg / Genève
Grisons / Glaris
Spades: Thoune / Vevey
Schwytz / Tessin
Saint-Gall / Zurich
Uri / Fribourg
Hearts: Lausanne / Interlaken (with a tax stamp from the Canton Bern)
Soleure / Schaffhouse
Lucerne / Soleure
Unterwalden / Berne
Diamonds: Rigi-Staffel / Neuchatel
Saint-Gall / Zug
Unterwalden / Schwytz
Argovie / Bâle

A different but very similar pack by an unknown maker is also in my collection.

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