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New German Playing-cards (Neue Deutsche Spielkarte)

These cards were designed in 1883 by J. Hirsch and M. Lämmel after ideas of Dr. Timon Schroeter, Jena, and printed by J. G. Fritzsche in Leipzig. Schroeter modified the German suit signs: acorns, ivy leaves, radish, and sunflowers.

Schroeter's name is on the Deuce of Sunflowers, and the printer's name on the Deuce of Ivy Leaves. On the Nine of Sunflowers you can see the initials T. S., and on the Eight of Sunflowers J. H. 83.

There are several variants of this pack: with Obers instead of the Queens (see last row below), without index signs, and without the ornamental frame. And there are also packs that have a Six in each suit.

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