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Gaigel Playing-cards from Altenburg

This pack was printed around 1895 by Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik Schneider & Co. The maker's name can be found on the Deuce of Acorns and on the back.

The court cards show the usual Württemberg pattern, but the Deuces have a special design: on the Deuce of Acorns is the Bavarian coat-of-arms, and on the Deuce of Leaves that from Württemberg, the Deuce of Hearts shows the Imperial German eagle, and the Deuce of Bells the coat-of-arms of Baden. The back also has a patriotic design, the Imperial eagle surrounded by the flags of those four countries (which isn't easy to see because of the one colour printing).

The cards are one half of a Gaigel pack. In each suit there are a Ten and a Seven in addition to the cards shown, a complete Gaigel pack consists of two times 24 cards.

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