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Neue Schwerter-Karte

These cards were produced c. 1890 by Ludwig & Schmidt in Halle. The maker's name is on the Eight of Hearts, together with his trademark (the arms of Halle). The initials H.S.F. on the Deuce of Acorns stand for Halle'sche Spielkarten-Fabrik.

Most of the cards look like in a standard Saxon pattern pack, but note for example the swimming pool on the Ten of Bells and the guitar player on the Nine of Bells. Also, the Ober of Acorns surprisingly has naked thighs.

Amendment: This pack also exists with 36 cards. Two of the Sixes show strange illustrations, too: the serpent on the Six of Bells, and on the Six of Hearts the man looking up to a witch riding on her broom.

© Peter Endebrock, 02 Jan. 2009