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Rabouge No. 5

This pack was produced c. 1870 by F. A. Lattmann in Goslar.

It is a Rabouge (or 'Grabouge' or 'Rabuse' or 'Rapuse') pack, with only Spades as suit-signs. You will find information about Rabouge in the description of the Lattmann Rabouge No. 9 pack.

This pack does not show the maker's name or logo. The name was on the Jack of Diamonds (which is another Jack of Spades here, in the bottom row). It has been blackened, but I know a completely identical pack with regular suit-signs that has the maker's name on it.

As there are only Spades cards, the tax stamp (from Hamburg, in use 1863 to 1874) is on an Ace of Spades instead of the usual Ace of Hearts.

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