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Pack with Prussian Pattern (Stralsund)

These cards were produced c. 1876 by W. Falkenberg & Co. in Stralsund. The maker's name is on the Deuce and on the Eight of Hearts.

The Deuces and court cards are those of the standard double-figured Prussian pattern, the pip cards show scenes, as is usual in one of the versions of that standard pattern. The pack could be used for other games than Skat, as it originally had 36 cards. The Six of Hearts is missing from the pack in my collection; I have replaced it by a copy that I got from a fellow collector. Actually, the cards were most probably used for playing Doppelkopf, as only the Deuces down to the Nines have been used (but you would have needed a second similar pack then).

The tax stamp on the Deuce of Hearts is from the Kingdom of Prussia.

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