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Spielkarten à la Renaissance (Renaissance Playing-Cards)

This pack was produced c.1870 by Lennhoff & Heuser in Frankfurt/Main. The company logo is on the Queen of Diamonds. The pattern is usually called 'Renaissance 1'.

On the aces are illustration from Portugal:
Clubs: Palacio de Mafra / Vista de Lisboa
Spades: Estatua equestre del Rei D. Jose II em Lisboa / Rua direita da Junqueira em Lisboa
Hearts: O Passeio Publico em Lisboa / Feira da Cordoaria no Porto
Diamonds:   Vista de Coimbra / Vista de Porto

Another peculiarity are the letters on the lockets of the Kings. A possible explanation for that is given in the description of a later edition by Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken A.-G. in Stralsund. But the pack shown here was more probably intended for export to Portugal.

Most probably the cards were sold as 'Feinste Frankfurter Spielkarten à la Renaissance'. I have a photocopy of a wrapper that probably is from these cards, see bottom row. The illustration on the wrapper shows the Gutenberg Memorial in Frankfurt.

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