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L'hombre cards from Hannover (1)

This pack was printed in the Kingdom of Hannover by an unknown maker. The tax stamp on the Ace of Spades shows that it was sold between 1817 and 1834.

The Jack of Clubs is missing, and this is the card where the maker's name most probably was. Candidates as makers are Meyer in Hannover, Crato in Lüneburg, and Lauenstein in Goslar. I know several almost identical packs, but the strange thing about them is that in all of them the Jack of Clubs is missing, too.
Added: This was the state until quite recently. I have been informed about a pack with the Jack of Clubs present, and that shows that the cards were made by Meyer in Hannover.

This and the other packs are L'hombre packs with 40 cards, lacking the Eight to Ten in each suit as compared to a regular pack. According to the tax stamp these are 'Feine gewöhnliche L'hombre' cards (Fine ordinary L'hombre).

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