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Rabouge No. 9

This pack was produced c. 1885 by F. A. Lattmann in Goslar.

It is a Rabouge (or 'Grabouge' or 'Rabuse' or 'Rapuse') pack, with only Spades as suit-signs. This is possible because Rabouge is a game where the suits do not matter, only the values of the cards. You need at least three players, but any higher number of players is allowed. Each player gets one or more complete packs with 52 cards. A Rabouge box usually houses a set of 20 to 24 packs. Three sets of rules (in German language) are available on my web pages.

This is Lattmann's Rabouge No. 9. The number is for the pattern that Lattmann also used for regular packs. On the Jack of 'Hearts' (in the third row) you can see Lattmann's logo. As there are only Spades cards, the tax stamp is on an Ace of Spades instead of the usual Ace of Hearts.

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