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Whist Pack with Baden-Baden Views

This pack has been produced by an unknown German or Belgian maker, most probably in the last quarter of the 19th century.

The Aces show views from Baden-Baden, but two of them are not present in my pack. The other two show
- Villa Benazet / La cascade de Geroldsan (should be 'Geroldsau')
- Château d'Eberstein / Le Château d'Eberstein Vallée de la Morgue (the river 'Murg').
I like to think that the cards are German, but the typo in the name and the form of the Clubs suit-signs make it more probable that they were made in Belgium.

A typical feature of the cards are the two Queens that have behind them what looks like an arm or back rest of a sofa (Queen of Hearts and Queen of Diamonds). That is why this sort of cards is sometimes called 'cards with sofa queens'. Another feature usually found on a different sort of cards can be seen on the King of Diamonds: On his shoulder is a lion's head. This results in these cards being sometimes called 'lion shoulder cards'. So this is the rare case where we have 'lion shoulder cards with sofa queens'.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 July 2012