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Cotta's Card Almanac 1806

This is the second of six card almanacs that J. G. Cotta in Tübingen published between 1805 and 1811. It came out in 1806 and was designed by Gräfin Charlotte Jenison-Walworth. The publisher's name is on the Ace of Clubs.

The cards do not have a common topic, they are intended as conversation pieces. That is why the accompanying book (which is missing from my collection) contains the conversation of two couples, referring to the illustrations on the cards.

The people on the court cards (in the sequence King, Queen, Jack) are:

Clubs: Pyrrhus (Neoptolemos)
Ester (Esther)
Spades: Assuerus (Ahasver)
Andromaque (Andromache)
Burrhus (S. Afranus Burrus)
Hearts: Ulisse (Ulysses)
Mardochée (Mardochai)
Diamonds: Agamemnon
Agripine (Agrippina)
Oreste (Orest)

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