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Hamburger Karte

These cards were distributed from c. 1860 by Hanchen Rübcke in Hamburg. Her name is on the Ace of Hearts. It is generally assumed that they were made by C. L. Wüst in Frankfurt/Main.

On the Aces are views from Hamburg, on the Kings important persons from the history of Hamburg, the Queens wear costumes from regions around Hamburg, and the Jacks are typical men from Hamburg. The Tens show symbols, the Nines important buildings, the Eights monuments. The Sevens to Twos show churches and additional important buildings, among them modern ones. An exception are the Threes in landscape format with boats, funeral processions, and the state carriage.
You can find the captions on the cards on a separate page.

This pack has special suit signs for Spades (presumably a stylized anchor) and Hearts (with the Hamburg Hanseatic cross in the middle). The Clubs suit-signs are often used by Wüst.

The pack shown was produced after 1863, as the tax stamp on the Ace of Hearts shows.
In 1985, a reprint was issued as a double pack by Albert Bauer KG, Hamburg, for their 25th anniversary.
Note that the Threes are shown after the Twos because of their format.

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