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Vaterländische Spielkarten 1915 (Patriotic Playing-cards 1915)

In the First World War, F. A. Lattmann in Goslar published two war packs, the German-suited Deutsche Heereskarte and the French-suited (with modified suit signs)
These cards here were designed by Ferdinand Herwig. The maker's, the designer's, and the pack's names are shown on the Seven of Diamonds.

The Kings are Wilhelm II from Württemberg (Clubs), Ludwig III from Bavaria (Spades), the Emperor Wilhelm II for Prussia (Hearts), and Friedrich August III from Saxony (Diamonds). The Queens are women in typical costumes of those states. The Jacks represent cavalry, infantry, navy, and artillery (in the order as above).

The backs show heraldry from the four kingdoms, and the Aces their colours.

Lattmann even designed a special invoice form for these packs.

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