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Deutsche Heereskarte (German Army Cards)

In the First World War, F. A. Lattmann in Goslar published two war packs, the French-suited Vaterländische Spielkarten 1915 and the German-suited
These cards here were designed by J. Schönfelder. The maker's sign is on the Unter of Acorns, and his name is shown on the Unter of Bells.

The Kings are Wilhelm II from Württemberg (Acorns), Ludwig III from Bavaria (Leaves), the Emperor Wilhelm II for Prussia (Hearts), and Friedrich August III from Saxony (Bells). The Obers and Unters are soldiers from different military branches (not just the army, as the name of the pack suggests). The pip cards show military scenes and the coats of arms of the German states.

Note that there is no tax stamp on the Deuce of hearts. This pack was never sold, but kept in a company's archive until recently, when it was auctioned.

The backs show a pattern of Imperial eagles and the Iron Cross, with a big Iron Cross medal in the middle.

There was another edition of the pack with 36 cards, and you can see the Sixes belonging to that (from a different pack) as the final illustration below.

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