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Achten Sie auf die Damen ... (Watch the Queens)

At first sight this might look like a standard Berlin pattern pack made by Dondorf in Frankfurt/Main around 1930, but as the title on the box says:
'Achten Sie auf die Damen ...' - Watch the Queens.

It is a relatively rare advertising pack with special queens designed by Werbekraft Berlin for bathing suits made by Schlottmann & Co in Berlin and Liegnitz. The text on the Queens is 'Sie "liegen" richtig - mit SC-Badeanzügen!' (You are on the right track with SC bathing suits).

To be fair: My pack is incomplete, lacking the King of Clubs and some pip cards. I am showing here the King of Clubs from a different contemporary Dondorf pack with the Berlin pattern.

© Peter Endebrock, 02 Jan. 2015