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Portrait Nr. 17 'Preussenkarte' ('Prussia cards')

This pack was first published after the Kingdom of Hannover had been conquered and annexed by Prussia in 1866. It was produced by F. A. Lattmann in Goslar. The cards can be regarded as a reverence to Prussia and the Hohenzollern family. This explains the name Preussenkarte.

The cards were designed by J. Benedict from Vienna, his name is on the King of Spades (but you cannot recognize it in the scan). The maker's name is on the Jack of Clubs. The pack illustrated is a later edition from c.1880.

The Aces show Prussian castles and palaces:

Clubs: Königsberger Schloß / Schloß Nikolsburg
Spades: Babelsberg / Kronprinzl. Palais in Berlin
Hearts: Königl. Schloß in Berlin / Sanssouci
Diamonds: Königl. Palais in Berlin / Breslauer Schloß

The court cards are persons from the Hohenzollern family and political and military leaders from Prussia. You can see (in the order King, Queen, Jack):

Clubs: Friedrich der Grosse / Friedrich Wilh. I.
Großherzogin Alexandrine / Fürstin Liegnitz
Graf v. Bismarck / v. Roon
Spades: Grosse Kurfürst / Friedrich I.
Königin Wwe. von Preußen / Königin Louise
v. Moltke / Vogel v. Falkenstein
Hearts: Fried. Wilh. IV. / König v. Preußen
Königin v. Preußen / Kronprinzß. v. Preußen
Fried. Carl Prinz v. Preuß. / Fried. Wilh. Kronpr. v. Preuß.
Diamonds: Friedrich Wilh. II. / Friedrich Wilh. III.
Prinzß. Friedr. Carl / Prinzeßin Carl
v. Steinmetz / Herwarth v. Bittenfeld

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