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Tarock from Frankfurt

This pack was produced around 1880 by C. L. Wüst in Frankfurt/Main. The company name is on the Jack of Clubs, the logo is on the Ace of Diamonds (not shown here).

This is a Tarock pack that has often two corresponding scenes on the trumps. Sometimes they are rural versus civic, as on Tarock-12 with a ballroom scene and a village dance, or they are like on Tarock-14, fishing versus hunting, or Tarock-15, photography versus painting. You will certainly recognize the idea on many of the trumps.

On a wall calendar on Tarock-4 (in the upper illustration) you can possibly recognize the date 1863 (changed: I originally wrote 1867 here). This might be the year of the original design. The Wüst logo on the Ace of Diamonds was registered in 1877.

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