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Deutsch-Österreichische Bündnis-Spielkarte (1)

In 1916, a playing-card pack was announced by the editor Gerhard F. Adler in Hamburg with the following advertisement:

The name of the pack is on the back, and the name of the editor on the Ace of Hearts and on all Jacks. Most probably the cards were printed by F. A. Lattmann in Goslar. The strongest indication for that is the tax stamp with No. 19. It can not be seen in this pack, as it is very heavily used, but it can be clearly recognized in other packs.

The suit-signs have been modified, presumably to distinguish them from the French suit-signs in these times of war with France. This conforms with the text of the advertisement. An Iron Cross for Clubs and a 'real' Spade are used, Hearts is kept, and Diamonds are rotated.

Besides the name of the pack you can find the German and Austrian eagle and the two flags on the back.

A pack with the same court card design had been published and advertised by Ch. [Christian] Burow, also in Hamburg.

The only difference between the packs are the clubs suit signs, a slightly different back, and as can be expected a different maker's name. The tax stamp is 'Nr. 19' again. Three cards from that pack are shown at the bottom.

There is another pack with different designs made by Richard Burow which is also called Deutsch-Österreichische Bündnis-Spielkarte.

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