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Feine Whist No. 2

These cards were printed c. 1870 by F. A. Lattmann in Goslar. On a partial wrapper in a contemporary sample book in my collection they are called Feine Whist No. 2. The maker's name was originally on the sash of the Jack of Hearts, but it has been blackened.

The designs of the cards are similar to some used in Austria and Belgium by different makers. One example is the pack by Holdhaus.

The pattern of the pack shows Roman goddesses as Queens.
Clubs: Juno
Spades: Flora
Hearts: Venus
Diamonds: Diana

On the Aces are views from different countries in Europe.
Clubs: Laxenburg bei Wien / Hohenschwangau in Bayern
(Laxenburg, a town near Vienna / Hohenschwangau, a castle in Bavaria)
Spades: Löwenburg bei Cassel / Markt in Hildesheim
("Lion's Castle" near Kassel in Germany / Marketplace in Hildesheim, Germany)
Hearts: Des Pascha's Schloss zu Orsova / Antwerpen
(The Pasha's Castle in Orsova / Antwerp)
Diamonds: Rathhaus in Paris / Paulskirche in London
(Town Hall in Paris / St. Paul's Cathedral in London)

You cannot recognize it in the scan, but the engraver's name J. Sürch is on the Ace of Spades, on the Hildesheim side.

© Peter Endebrock, 04 July 2007