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Superfin Whist Usidenz

These cards were printed c. 1870 by F. A. Lattmann in Goslar. On a partial wrapper in a contemporary sample book in my collection they are called

The maker's name was originally on the sash of the Jack of Hearts, but it has been blackened.

The designs of the cards are similar to some used in Austria and Belgium by different makers. Presumably the designs were produced by an Austrian engraver; it is definite that the Aces were made by one.

The illustrations on the Aces show scenes from the Netherlands:
Clubs: Leyde / Harlem
Spades: Utrecht / Rotterdam le marché
Hearts: Palais d'industrie d'Amsterdam / La Haye
Diamonds: Groningue l'hôtel de ville / Arnheim

Note the Prussian tax stamp on the Ace of Hearts.

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