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Bavarian Miniature Cards

The cards shown here have certainly not been printed to be used for playing. They show the Bavarian single-faced pattern as a sheet. The size of a single card is only 16 x 14 mm. I have no idea when the sheet was printed.

On the Six of Hearts (top left card) there is the name 'Prauner' (or 'Rauner', 'Raumer', 'Grauner' or a similar name), but I do not know whether a maker is meant by that.

If anybody has more information about these cards, I should appreciate to learn about it.

Amendment: I have recently seen a sheet from the British Museum that is very similar to this sheet, but it is mirror-image. The name on the BM sheet is 'Joseph Fetscher'; I think that the sheet shown here is a modern reproduction.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 Dec. 2011