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Costumes Suisses National

This is another Swiss souvenir pack that was produced around 1900 by C. L. Wüst in Frankfurt/Main. This is called

The maker's trademark is on the Jack of Clubs. It is a successor pack to the Charactères et Vues Suisses made by the same maker earlier.

Again there are views from Switzerland on the Aces, and the persons on the court cards wear costumes from Swiss cantons. In detail, you can see (in the order Ace, King, Queen, Jack):

Clubs: Interlaken / Lausanne
Thurgau / Bern
Genève / Schwyz
Frybourg / Uri
Spades: Lac des IV. cantons / Berne
Tessin / Schwyz
Uri / Fribourg
Glarus / Graubünden
Hearts: unnamed (Neuchâtel / Genève)
Zug / St. Gallen
Vaud / Valais
Unterwalden / Bern
Diamonds: Vevey / Thoune
Schaffhausen / Soleure
Appenzell / Bern
Basel / Aargau

There also exists a slightly different version, with modified courts and views. The characteristic difference is that the place names on the Aces are not in the centre circle, but at the top and bottom end.

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