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Adler Karte (Eagle Cards)

From 1882 the Vereinigten Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken A.-G. in Stralsund produced a pack with the name
The company logo is on the Queen of Clubs, the company name on the Queen of Hearts and both are on the back. The pack shown has been produced later than 1903 as the tax stamp shows (not illustrated).

The pack was originally produced by Lennhoff & Heuser in Frankfurt/Main, an example is also in my collection. The pattern is also called 'Renaissance 1'.

It is assumed that the pack was intended for the American market. On the lockets of the Kings are the letters 'K' (for Kreids), 'S' (for Shipa), 'H' (for Harts) and 'E' (for Ekshta). These are the names for the suits in 'Pennsyvania Dutch'. This is supported by the box with an eagle that much resembles the American eagle.

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