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Spielkarten in Bromsilber-Photographie

Around 1900, the Verlag der Neuen Photographischen Gesellschaft in Berlin produced a pack of playing-cards called

The initials of the 'New Photographic Society' were on the box.
There is also a maker's trademark on the Jack of Clubs.

All cards including the pip cards show photographs of models in costumes, in a painted scenery. They were often suspected to be actresses and actors from Berlin, but this is highly improbable.

This pack has 52 cards with square corners. There were also packs with round corners, packs with only 32 cards (for Skat), and a pack with large cards in the size of postcards (which most probably is the oldest pack; it was hand-coloured).

The Ace of Hearts has a German tax stamp, with a blurred number. This should be No. 18, as I know from a similar pack.

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