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Franfurt Riflemen Cards (Frankfurter Schützenkarte)

In 1862, Maximilian Frommann, Darmstadt, produced a pack to commemorate a special event; this is explained on the Ace of Clubs:

The card shows the festival grounds of the first German Shooting Festival in a bird's-eye view. The pack is often called "Frankfurter Schützenkarte".

On the other Aces single buildings on the festival grounds are depicted. You can recognize them on the overview, too:
Spades: Fest-Halle (Festival Hall)
Hearts: Gabentempel (Gift Temple)
Diamonds: Eingangs-Pforte (Entrance Gate)

Most of the court cards are related to riflemen, but a lot of them have national or nationalistic allusions.
Clubs: King Tirolian mountain marksman, freedom fighter Andreas Hofer (because of the initials on the belt)
  Queen Festival lady (with the German flag) at the river Rhine
  Jack Frenchman (Napoleon III) threatens across the river Rhine
Spades: King Rifleman with fixed bayonet
  Queen Festival lady with standard
  Jack Englishman ("John Bull") observes the German fleet
Hearts: King Rifleman with standard "Ueb Aug & Hand für's Vaterland" (Train eye and hand for your native country)
  Queen Germania keeps watch at the river Rhine
  Jack Dancing fool with targets
Karo: King Gymnast with the German flag with the motto "Gut Heil" (gymnasts' greeting)
  Queen Francofurtia with the coat of arms of Frankfurt
  Jack Dancing fool with targets

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