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Deutsch-Österreichische Bündnis-Spielkarte (2)

In 1914, a playing-card pack was announced by the editor Richard Burow & Co. in Hamburg with the following advertisement:

The name of the pack is on the back, but it is difficult to recognize it; it is in big white letters in the background design: Deutsch-Oesterreichische Bündnis-Spielkarte in the upper part and Gelb Schwarz Weiß Rot in the lower part. The maker's name is on the Ace of Hearts and on the back.

The suit-signs have been modified: an Iron Cross for Clubs, a cannonball for Spades, Hearts has a white space inside, and Diamonds are rotated. There is an edition where the Hearts suit-signs have a wider border. As you can see, the designs of the court cards are identical for all suits. On the backs is the text 'Gesetzlich geschützt' ('registered') and on the Jack of Spades, the Queen of Hearts, and the King of Diamonds is 'Ges. geschützt', an abbreviation of that.

There is another pack with different designs edited by Gerhard F. Adler and Ch. Burow which is also called Deutsch-Österreichische Bündnis-Spielkarte.

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