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Olympia-Spielkarte (French suit-signs)

Around 1936, Rudolf Nussgruber, Vienna, edited (and presumably designed) the
They were printed by the playing-card factory F. X. Schmid in Munich. The name of the editor together with his logo is normally on the Ace cards, The logo of the maker is on the Seven of Hearts in some versions.

There are many different editions of the pack, and they differ in the number of cards (32, 36 or 52 + 2 Joker) and in the descriptions of the court cards (König, Dame, Bube or King, Queen, Jack (as shown below for Clubs)).

Together with the packs come different extra cards or paper sheets explaining the advantages of the cards for assembling them. The front and back of such a card is shown below.

Some (but not all) of the packs have a German tax stamp from Munich on the Ace of Hearts which was in use 1936 to 1939. Other variants have advertising imprints, like the example bottom line right for Karl Joosten - Warthekellerei - Welungen, that was a winery in the occupied Polish town Wielun. Because of this the cards presumably have been produced after 1939.

Finally there is also an Olympia-Spielkarte with German suit-signs, which has slightly different court cards.

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