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Transformation pack Jeanne Hachette

This pack was first produced around 1865 by Maximilian Frommann in Darmstadt. The initials of the maker can be found on the upper outer suit signs of the Eight of Diamonds. The pack was later also produced by Frommann's successor company Frommann & Bünte.

The pack has its name Jeanne Hachette ('Jean the Hatchet') from the illustration on the Queen of Spades, which shows a scene from 1472 when the Duke of Burgundy attacked the town of Beauvais. Jeanne initiated the successful defense. There was a time when some people mistook her for Jeanne d'Arc, so that you may find this name for the pack in earlier literature.

Many of the illustrations can also be found on a contemporary pack made by Grimaud in Paris or on the Kartenspielereien by Braun & Schneider in Munich. Only ten of the illustrations seem to be original designs.

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