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Whist Pack with Baden-Baden Views (2)

This pack was presumably made in the third quarter of the 19th century in Germany, possibly in Darmstadt.

The cards are partly similar to another pack in my collection. The Queens are largely identical, even though the Queens of Hearts and Diamonds have been interchanged (which is not uncommon when the suit-signs are stencilled). The Kings and Jacks are different. The Aces are almost identical, as far as they are present in the other pack.

The illustrations on the Aces show views from the Baden-Baden region:
Clubs: Bade (Baden) / L'allée de Lichtenthal (Alley to Lichtenthal, a monastry near Baden-Baden)
Spades: Villa Benazet / La Cascade de Geroldsau (cascade of Geroldsau, correctly spelled here)
Hearts: Trinkhalle (pump room) / Maison de Societé Bade (Society Building, Baden)
Diamonds: Chateau d'Eberstein (Castle Eberstein) / Le Chateau d'Eberstein Vallée de la Mourgue (valley of the river 'Murg', the river is also spelled correctly here)

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