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Deutsche Reichs Karte (German Empire Cards)

This pack is called 'Deutsche Reichs Karte'. It was first produced probably before 1875 by Johann Gottlieb Schulze Nachfolger (Successor) in Leipzig. The maker's name is on the Eight of Hearts.

The pack was published to commemorate the German unification and the founding of the Imperial Reich after the victory over France.

On the aces are the name of the pack and the Imperial eagle (Acorns), the Saxon coat-of-arms (Leaves), Germania with the Imperial flag (Hearts) and the first German Reichstag (Bells).
On the court cards are members of royal families, the Imperial chancellor and military leaders, and on the pip cards mostly views from German towns and cities.
Eichel: Kaiser von Deutschland (German Emperor), Kronprinz von Preussen (Crown Prince of Prussia),, Fürst v. Bismarck,
Breslau, Schloss-Brücke in Berlin (castle bridge in Berlin), Reichstagsgebäude (projectiert) (the planned Reichstag building), Bad Ems
Grün: König von Sachsen (King of Saxony), Prinz Georg von Sachsen (Prince of Saxony), Graf Moltke,
Leipzig, Strasburg [should be Strassburg], Metz, Dresden
(Strassburg and Metz had been seized in the German-French War 1870/71 together with Elsass and Lothringen.)
Herz: König von Würtenberg [should be Württemberg], Prinz Friedr. Carl v. Preussen (Prince of Prussia), General v. Hartmann,
Baden Baden, Stuttgart, [maker's name], Mainz
Schellen: König von Baiern (King of Bavaria), Prinz August v. Würtemberg [should be Württemberg], General v. Werder
Frankfurt a/M, National Denkmal auf dem Niederwald (national monument on the Niederwald), München, French cock looking across the Rhine river
(but France didn't have a border on the Rhine river after this war.)

The pack shown here was produced after 1879 as the tax stamp on the Ace of Hearts shows.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 Oct. 2021