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Dondorf's Carte Medicee by Dondorf

This pack was made by B. Dondorf GmbH in Frankfurt from 1913. It is called
The maker's name is on the Jack of Clubs.

On the Aces the cards show palaces of the Medici family, the court cards show members of the family. The names of the palaces and the family members are on the cards. There is an explanation card for the pack that names the artists of the pictures used for the court cards.

The pack was edited for Italy, as can be seen from the index signs 'R' (for 'Re'), 'D' (for 'Donna') and 'F' (for 'Fante'). The date stamp on the Ace of Hearts shows that the pack was put to sale on 5 June, 1914.

The back of the cards shows the Medici coat-of-arms, and that is also on the Jack of Clubs.

Modification: I have exchanged the previously shown pack with a German tax stamp to a pack with an Italian tax stamp and the explanation card present.

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