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Rixdorf Playing-cards

This is the pack that made me collect playing-cards. It was printed around 1968 by Heinrich Schwarz & Co. in Nürnberg.

I bought it some years later, mainly because the cards have been designed by four different artists that I liked. They had formed the group 'Werkstatt Rixdorfer Drucke' in Berlin. The name means something like 'Workshop Prints from Rixdorf', and Rixdorf is the district of Berlin where they lived and worked.

Each artist has designed the court cards of one suit:

Clubs: Ali Schindehütte
Spades: Uwe Bremer
Hearts: Arno Waldschmidt
Diamonds: Johannes Vennekamp

In addition, there are three Jokers in this version of the pack. The distributor of the cards was Tecta Import in Düsseldorf.

The cards have an unusually large format. Some years later (around 1987) another edition in the usual playing-card size was printed. This later version doesn't have the borders around the designs.

© Peter Endebrock, 03 Nov. 2001