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Artist's Happy Families

This pack is not really part of my collection, as I do not collect family games. But I like it so much that I want to show it.

It is a Happy Families pack designed by the German artist Fritz Husmann (born 1896 in Bremen, died 1982 in Hamburg). His name is on the left card in the first row. He printed the pack and then coloured it by hand. It was made most probably in the 1930s: The railway ticket shown on one of the cards (in the third row) shows a fare of 12 Mark for a third class ride to Berlin, for a distance of 300 km. That was the price from 1930 until 1945.

Husmann lived in Hamburg, and you can see that in the fourth row, with typical harbour scenes.

I do not show all cards. There are 15 sets in the pack, giving a total of 60 cards. I just scanned some that I like best.

© Peter Endebrock, 21 May 2010