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Court cards by Elfriede Weidenhaus

These are not playing-cards, but graphic sheets made by the German artist Elfriede Weidenhaus (1931 - 2023). She shows on them the court cards of a fantasy pack with French suit-signs.
Update: I have added the year of the artist's death.

The sheets were not intended as playing-card designs, they seem to be some sort of annual gift, because there is a different year in each graphic:

Elfriede Weidenhaus also did other sheets with playing-card designs; I have some sheets with court card designs with German suit-signs, and with the court cards of a Tarot pack. And the artist also designed a pack that was actually printed (in 1967, in a limited edition): the Alchimistenspiel for Dr. Brum-Antonioli.

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