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Cartes mignonnes

These cards were presumably produced in Paris around 1850, and they are called
or cartes jouet ('toy cards'), that is what is on the other side of the wrapper. 'Paris' is mentioned on the Jack of Diamonds.

It is possible that the maker was Pierrat, as I have seen the court cards of the Hearts suit of a regular sized pack made by him, and they look like those of the Diamonds suit shown here. This would mean that the cards were presumably designed by Janet Lange and engraved by Beyer.

Similar packs in normal size have been made by different makers, and they are often called cartes parisiennes.

As the name indicates, this is a miniature pack, the cards measure 35 x 23 mm. I have enlarged them for the single views so that you can see more details.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 Apr. 2011