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Playing-card chromos

Prints like those shown here are called chromos, they are chromolithographed advertising cards, mostly from France. There are specialized collectors for chromos; I have just a few examples related to playing-cards.

This is a set that was printed by D. Hutinet in Paris around 1880. They are very similar to cards printed for the Liebig company, those have an advertising in the right part. Actually, the cards were printed for different companies: On the King of Clubs card you can read 'AU PETIT SAINT-THOMAS' at the bottom in the middle (that was a department store in Paris), and on the Jack of Diamonds card there is 'GRAND HOTEL-RESTAURANT AU FAISAN-DORÉ', and 'E. CHEVRIER à CLERMONT-FERRAND'. The actual advertising was printed on the back, but most of the cards in the set shown have blank backs.

The texts are about card games. If you order the cards by the numbers printed in the top right corner, you get three cards each for Ecarté, Boston, Piquet, and Whist.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 May 2007